The Energy Technology and Environmental Business Association (ETEBA) is a non-profit trade association representing approximately 170 small, large and mid-sized companies and affiliate members that provide environmental, technology, energy, engineering, construction and related services to government and commercial clients.

Our mission is to promote the success of our members by fostering market understanding, identifying business opportunities and advocating for our common interests.

Originally formed in 1989 as the Oak Ridge Waste Management Association, ETEBA is a 501(c)(6) national non-profit trade association that has been a strong voice for the business community during the past 25 years.

ETEBA has Eastern and Western chapters, and an Executive Director in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Our online member directory provides a listing of member companies.

ETEBA’s Executive Director is located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Additional staff includes business services, administrative, and communications personnel who support activities and member events nationwide.

Membership in ETEBA offers a wide range of services and benefits. Please visit our Membership page for a full description and membership packet.

For more information, please visit

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