Florida International University's Applied Research Center (FIU-ARC) is a university based research center located in Miami, Florida. Since 1995, ARC has supported DOE's environmental restoration mission by conducting applied research in key technical areas such as deactivation & decommissioning, waste processing, and soil & groundwater. In 2007, DOE and FIU established the DOE-FIU Science & Technology Workforce Development Program; this unique program is designed to develop a pipeline of minority science and engineering students (called DOE Fellows) specifically trained and mentored to join the federal and private sector workforces.

Advancement in computer, material and design technologies has provided an avenue for robotic systems to be utilized in a number of engineering applications, including manufacturing, inspection, and even simple household functions.  At FIU-ARC, robotic systems are being developed to provide a means to inspect areas that may be difficult to obtain access to or are unsafe for people to enter. These tools are being designed with sensor systems that can provide valuable information including the health of structures or the status of the area’s environment.

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